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IEC guarantees the equipment to be free of manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (3) month and general warranty for the first twelve (12) months (from now on called
guarantee period) from and after the time of its original purchase or the time it was installed and commissioned under IEC supervision at customer’s premises.

Subject to the conditions explained below, if during the guarantee period the product proves to be defective due to supplier improper materials or workmanship, IEC's suppliers will without charge for labor or parts repaired or, at the discretion of our suppliers, replace the equipment or its defective parts. All electric parts are not stipulated under this guarantee.



1. The guarantee will be honored only if this customer’s guarantee certificate is presented together with the original invoice and IEC or supplier statement of full receipt of invoice issued by IEC after commissioning. If those statements have been removed or changed after the original purchase of the equipment by the customer from IEC, IEC
reserves the right to refuse guarantee services.

2. In the event that the equipment need to be adapted, changed, or adjusted in order to conform to the national or local technical or safety standards in-force in the country of beneficiary or locally at the customer’s premises other than the one for which the equipment was originally designed and manufactured, any such adaptation, change, or adjustment
shall not be considered to be defects in materials or workmanship for purposes of this Customer Guarantee.

3. No responsibility on IEC shall be made under this Customer Guarantee for the following:

• Any adaptation, changes, or adjustments to the equipment, or attempts to make the same, whether properly made or not, in order to conform to such standards without prior written approval of IEC,

• Any adaptation, changes, or adjustments to upgrade the equipment from its normal purpose as described in the instruction manuals delivered with every machine purchased,

• Any change in performance resulting from adaptations, changes, or adjustments to the equipment or attempts to make the same.


4. The Customer Guarantee shall not cover any of the following:

• Periodic check-ups, maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to wear and tear or operators mis-use.

• Service transport costs and other costs and risks of transport relating directly or indirectly to this Customer Guarantee afterinitial set-up;

• Damage to this product resulting from:

A. Abuse and misuse, including, without limitation:

a. The failure to use the equipment for its normal purposes or in accordance with IEC instructions on the proper use and maintenance of the equipment,
b. The installation or the use of the equipment in a manner inconsistent with the technical or safety standards as stipulated in the instruction manuals delivered with every machine,
c. Any damage resulting from any adaptations, changes, or adjustments to the machines or attempts to make the same without the prior IEC written consent.

B. Repairs done by non-authorized personnel or non-IEC-certified technical staff,

C. Accidents, acts of God, or any cause beyond the control of IEC, including, without limitation, electric storms, water, fire, public disturbances, and improper ventilation.

5. This Customer Guarantee does not affect the customer’s statutory rights under applicable national legislation in-force, or the customer’s rights against IEC arising from any sales/purchase contracts between the retailer and the consumer.

6. In the absence of applicable national legislation, the Customer Guarantee will be the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and neither IEC nor any of its subsidiaries or appointed distributors shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any expressed or implied guarantee of the equipment.


Standard Conditions of Sale


In the context of these conditions the word “COMPANY” will be construed as meaning IEC NIGERIA Ltd

The word “CLIENT” will be construed as the recipient of the CONTRACT.


The word “ORDER” will be construed as a “QUOTATION” confirmed in writing by the “CLIENT” and for which payment has been made or agreed upon.


The word “GOODS” means the articles or things and the word “SERVICES” means the work described in the “QUOTATION”.


The word “WORKS” means the GOODS or SERVICES above described


Except specified otherwise in IEC’s quotation/Proforma, the following standard conditions shall prevail:



1.         Prices


Prices stated on the quotation are based on the exchange rate specified thereon and on the prevailing insurance, freight and transit rates as well as on the labor costs, import duty, taxes and levies current at the date of our quotation. The prices will be subject to adjustment if any of the above mentioned items are changed except where otherwise agreed by IEC and CLIENT


The prices will be valid unless otherwise agreed in writing for a period as stated in our quotation.


2.         Acceptance


Acceptance of an order will be deemed to bind the Company and the Client to the following terms and conditions and no goods or services shall be supplied or performed by the company except in accordance therewith unless mutually agreed to in writing by both parties.


3.         Delivery/Completion time


The goods or services will be delivered or completed within the time limits stated in the quotation subject to the following conditions:


-           Receipt of payments as per the agreed schedule.

-           In case of imported materials/services the necessary foreign exchange is obtained in due time

-           In case of services to be rendered the site must be made accessible on notification to commence the work


As soon as the goods or services have been delivered or completed in accordance with the conditions stated, IEC should inform the client in writing of the completion and readiness for commissioning. The client shall without undue delay and in any case within fifteen days from the date of the notice formally accept the work unless has reason to refuse to accept the works which the client shall promptly report to IEC in writing. If the client fails to do so at the expiration of the fifteen days the works will be deemed taken over.

Any part or whole of the works shall not be put into operation before taking over or unless authorized to do so by IEC.


Should the erection be interrupted or delayed for reasons for which IEC is not responsible, the risk of accidental destruction or accidental deterioration of the works shall pass to the client for the period of the interruption/delay.


4.         Payment terms


All invoices shall be paid before the goods are delivered except otherwise agreed. If the client fails to issue a payment in accordance with the payment conditions IEC shall be entitled to stop the order/work without prior notice to the client. Furthermore IEC shall be entitled to recover any damages/loss of profit it may have suffered as a result of the delay in payments due.


5.         Conditions concerning erection and installation


Where orders include erection and/or installation works, the following conditions shall prevail:


a.         The client shall provide at his own expense and in due time all necessary power, water and any other items agreed to by the company based on IEC shop drawings issued.

b.         Before commencement of erection/installation the client must make available all necessary information concerning concealed pipes, conduits and the like which may be relevant to the work.

c.         The client shall not employ IEC’s personnel for work which lies beyond the scope of this agreement without first obtaining the company’s written approval.


6.         Force majeure


Force majeure covers events which have been caused by neither parties to the contract including but not limited to natural disasters, war, rebellion, riots, strikes, acts of God and any other unforeseeable circumstances.

Neither party shall be considered in default of their contractual obligations during performance of the work due to force majeure. In such events the delivery/ completion period shall be extended.


7.         Warranty


IEC shall extend the manufacturer warrantee from the date of taking over the works. IEC shall be informed in writing of any defects and who will in turn transmit such report to the manufacturers.


The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear or damage caused by conditions for which the equipment has not been designed to operate under such as power surges, careless handling, excessive stress, unsuitable operating means, chemicals and the like. IEC shall not be held liable for the rectification of any defects without the manufacturers’ prior approval.


IEC shall only be liable for any installation carried out by the company but not longer than the applicable warranty period granted by the original manufacturers.


8.         Liability


IEC shall be liable for personal injuries and for direct damage to property for the period of the installation works only. IEC shall not be liable for any other direct or indirect damage caused as a result of the use of the equipment after the date of handing over the works.


IEC shall not be liable for any partial or total damage of goods delivered to the client’s premises and which may have suffered damage for reasons beyond IEC’s control.


All risk of partial/total damage and or loss on the equipment at client’s premises shall pass to client upon delivery.


9.         Cancellation


IEC shall not be obligated to accept cancellations of orders in whole or in part. However if on written request IEC does accept cancellation IEC reserves the right to invoice the client for engineering, administration, material or labor costs incurred by IEC and by the Original Equipment Manufacturers in connection with such orders up to the time of receipt by IEC of the cancellation request.




Standard condition of commissioning and hand-over




Must be carried out by our qualified personnel.





User manuals

Technical installation manuals and reports

Shop Drawings   (if applicable)





12 month warranty excluding electrical, steam, and, tear and wear parts. Review or guarantee conditions






All equipment are supplied with power supply as per the standards in-force in Nigeria


380/400/3Ph or 230V/1Ph - 50 Hz


Contractor to confirm easy access for all equipment to the different premesis (Mainly Doors accesses):

Minimum horizontal access:  1800 mms

Minimum vertical access: 2350 mms

Minimum free way and turns: 3500 mms






  1. We declare that no person, firm or corporation other then IEC whose signature is attached below, has any interest in the quotation.
  2. We declare that this quotation is made without connection, knowledge, comparison of figures with any other company, firm or person making a bid for the same work and is in all respects fair without collusion for fraud.
  3. We declare that all matters stated in this quotation are all in respect true.





This equipment requires expert Installation by qualified personnel.


Installation requires a minimum of 15 working days. Please note installation may take longer than the period estimated, and further costs may be incurred if the units are not in position on site and/or all required services available at commencement of Installation. If you are in any doubt about the services required please contact us.

The unit may also require validation/calibration to the customer’s requirements. This can usually only be carried out by IEC engineers / technicians.




Please note IEC is unable to accept any responsibility and warranties

that may be invalid for units that are installed by non approved personnel.

IEC can offer:


·      Training of your qualified engineer at your premises, period 2 weeks. This training will be provided free of charge but you will meet the cost of transport, accommodation and meals, UNLESS IT IS OTHERWISE STATED IN THE MAIN QUOTE FOR SPECIFIED TARGETED TRAINING SESSIONS.. Please contact us for details.



·         If M&E works is required from IEC at your premises then this will be charged including transport accommodation and meals, which will be invoiced at cost. Please provide us with your requirements so that we can provide you with an estimate of the time required.


·         Validation/calibration can be provided prior to delivery if required by you. Once again please provide us with full details for a quotation.


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