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Question 1

Why should consumers buy IEC products ahead of competitors?

IEC is the built-in service specialist, offering a complete range of products designed specifically for industrial kitchens, laundries, bakeries, supermarkets, etc. Throughout the range, emphasis is on design co-ordination. IEC is renowned for their designs. Because of their performance and reliability, IEC products have been selected for many hotels, restaurants, dry clean shops, supermarket and consultants.

Consumers and consultants are choosing IEC time and time again because we are focused on delivering products that help make life easier. We pride ourselves on providing innovative, reliable, high quality equipment that not only solid and look stylish but have real consumer benefits.

Whether it’s a passion for performance or a taste for trends, we will have the perfect product for you.

Question 2

How efficiently, do you feel, is IEC’s after sales service?

IEC’s after sales service organization is being recognized as the one of the best after sales service in the market .Customers were asked to evaluate the after sales service they received, and, IEC was proud of the feed back.

With a comprehensive stock of spare parts, the service we are able to provide is unsurpassed.

On average, 80% of queries are dealt with within 24 hours of the initial call. If calls are made before 10am we endeavor to repair appliances the same day.

The website is another quick and convenient way for customers to get in touch, offering simple solutions to common issues. For example, we understand that user manuals can be easily misplaced, so we provide manuals online that can be easily viewed and printed out. Customers can post queries on the websites or contact us through telephone, mobiles, sms, fax or email – whichever method is most convenient.

We are justifiably proud of the after sales service we offer, and feedback from our dealers and consumers confirms that we have got it right.

Question 3

What commitment do IEC offer to the consumer regarding its products?

All IEC equipment and appliances are covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Functional parts are available for a minimum of 2 years stock

We offer the consumer, we believe, the best ratio on the market between

design / quality / price / latest generation of products / statutory guarantee / parts

Question 4

How long do you believe IEC products should continue to perform efficiently before problems may occur?

Based on testimonials from our customers, we know that IEC equipment and appliances continue to give excellent service for the last 5 years. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee a specific life expectancy.

IEC products are designed and manufactured with the aim to perform efficiently throughout their entire life cycle taking into consideration the peculiarities of the Nigerian market.

As a performance-driven company, all of our products comply with the standards set by the law and by the industry, which means that our equipments are manufactured to last a minimum of six to eight years, difference being the in-house maintenance and operation at the customers’ premises. No manufacturer of mechanical products can accurately answer this, since much depends on owner usage and abusage. Having said that, our sales have grown enormously in recent years, yet the number of customers reporting faults has substantially declined as a percentage of sales so we believe modern technology and manufacturing investment is paying real dividends in this respect.

No manufacturer should tolerate failing reliability – there is always a cost implication both in terms of rectifying the fault and in brand reputation.


Question 5

What does the price of IEC products in relation to the competitors reveal about the quality of IEC goods and do you believe this reflects IEC standing in the service industry as viewed by the consumer?

IEC equipment and appliances offer excellent value for money. Although they are not the cheapest in the market they are “surprisingly affordable” considering the after sales service we are giving and the stock of spare parts we are keeping. These prices are well within the reach of a large sector of the clientele.

Because of our aspiration advertising and the fact that IEC equipment and appliances are featured in many prestigious kitchens, laundries, supermarkets, and bakeries, there may be people who think that IEC is unattainable. When they start shopping around they find that IEC offers an extensive range of reliable and stylish products in the middle price range to satisfy the requirements of most people seeking high quality with support.

Our prices are related to our products and not to our competitors' products but, in most cases, they come up as a pleasant surprise. Consumers are often surprised at the price level. With the know-how, professionalism, after sales service, stock of spare parts, extensive clientele, achievement of the most difficult and demanding projects in a very short period; IEC became the nightmare of others.



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