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                       THIS IS HOW WE DO BUSINESS

Working with your vision, IEC will bring your dream facility to life on CAD drawn A3 plan which is so detailed that you can almost taste the sauces steaming up from the pan.

The design process begins with an appointment with one of our designers for a tour of your premises and an initial consultation (at no charge). Bring your blueprints or measurements so that we can determine the budget, complexity of the plumbing, and the equipment requirements.

At our next meeting, we will present you with preliminary drawings. Together we'll explore layout, cabinet design, equipment and appliances, flooring, countertops, lighting and air conditioning with ventilation recommendations. Our state-of-the-art computer software can display an almost life-size rendering of your kitchen before any purchases are finalized. Design changes are easily incorporated into the computer model.

IEC is a highly trained specialist with expertise in ergonomics design and space planning along with the mechanical, electrical, gas and ventilation requirement and design. IEC knowledgeable staff advises clients on how to take the best advantage of space and budget for functionality and economy, skills honed through years of experience.

Your lead designer stays with the project throughout the development of your fcility, serving as a specialist consultant, guiding you and your team through the decision-making process.

Delivery schedules are closely monitored to ensure that the equipments are ready when promised and that your project will be completed on time and within the project budget you set.



1.    Ask to view a previous installation.

2.    Remember, showroom kitchens have perfect walls and are not connected to electricity, gas or water.

3.    Quality equipment will ensure a long-lived kitchen.

4.    There is no substitute for knowledge when speaking to potential suppliers. Educate yourself on all aspects of your project before speaking with retailers or installers.

5.    It is essential that you choose good quality when buying a new kitchen. Appliances are the engines on which a good kitchen will run. Neutral elements are the comfortable interior and worktops the tough exterior that provides longevity and resilience.

6.    Equipments should have a solid base construction; it is recommended that metal sided drawers and runners with full extension be used. Shock absorbed drawers are the new standard bearer here.

7.    To ensure a smooth kitchen installation, good preparation is vital.

8.    Planning of plumbing, gas, ventilation, air conditioning and electricity services should be carried our prior to the installation wherever possible. Is your supplier capable of doing it?

9.    Ensure you choose an experienced technician/s and fitter/s who will show you their previous work.

10. Make sure you request to see the stock of spare parts available with the supplier.

11. Ask questions about the supplier/consultant from previous clients.

12. Good designers or installers aren't unlike artists and they thrive on good feedback. Liaise with all those you employ regularly throughout the process. That way any misunderstandings or confusion can be rectified whilst work is in progress.

13. Client, designer, installer and supplier should work as a team aiming to reach a common goal - success and satisfaction.



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